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September 29 2015


Are you able to pass the labyrinth? Try and play "El Laberinto" and get to the online finals.


¿How do I access the machine?

Enter the menu SUPER RANKING.

¿How do I sign up?
No inscription. Just enter the machine and play.

¿What are the dates?
It starts on the 5th of october and finishes the 30th of november.

¿What is the format?

16 rankings divided in 4 phases, each phase last 15 days. Every phase each player can play 4 rankings at a time and earn more points for the final. The player can play the 4 rankings in parallel: Burma Road, Hi Score 10 rounds, Cricket 200 15 rounds and 501 OI/MO 50/50 Bull

¿How many categories?

Categories are based on the average of the players (MPR or PPD). There are 21 categories.

¿How do you qualify?

Players get Radikal Points according to the position they got in their categories. The 100 first players, in order of adding the total Radikal Points of each player, in the scoreboard of the super-ranking, will play the online final.

¿What is the prize?

The online finals are played on the 12th & 13th of december in 3 categories. The total money prize is 6.000€ euros distributed between the first 8 players at the online finals.

La Carrera

Every player that plays the online finals, accumulate points for "La Carrera" (THE RACE).



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