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September 14 2015


Join and enjoy playing against all the World!!


How to access from the machine?

1- Select league menu. 2- Select your group: "VD - TEAM GXX (where XX is the number of your group). Press start.

What´s the International Teams Virtual League?

It´s a Team Virtual League. When a player reaches the maximum number of games in a match, he gets 5 free KERS games! You can get KERS, you cannot buy them, but you can give them to a team-mate.

How can I join?
Via Radikal Players website. Visit the SHOP link in the main navigation bar.The deadline for the entry is on October 10th.

When is the league going to start? How does it work?
It starts on October 16th and it finishes on February 11th. Teams will be 4 main players and 2 alternates. Games will be Cricket and 501, alternating matches.

Online Finals
Top 3 teams in each group will automatically make the online finals.

Second chance
Teams in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th places per group will have an opportunity to still make the online finals by playing  a Cteam 2nd chance Ranking, they need to have played all the matches in the league, players will have so many free games as points they got in the league. It takes place from February 18th to February 25th. From each group of 5 or 6 teams, 1 additional spot into the online for the winner of each 2nd chance Ranking.

Extra Radikal Darts Member

You can become a Radikal Darts Member before the second chance. Any team in the online finals with 4 Radikal Darts Members and which cannot get the top 8 places will play and Extra Radikal Darts Member final.

You can become a Radikal Darts Member by clicking HERE.

¿What other prizes can I get in this league?

  1. Points to reach the Super Online Final TOP1 La Carrera.
  2. Radikal Points to increase the prizes in the online finals.

"LA CARRERA"·        

La Carrera points for finishing the online final are below (on the rules). Additionally every player who finishes the League will receive extra 150 points regardless of their finish in the league (Only for players with a minimum of 5 games played in 10 or more matches).


FOR FURTHER INQUIRIES , PLEASE CONTACT : BASYAR (012-6968613 / Whatssapp / We chat :Basyar77)

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