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December 12 2013

A Radikal Change: Shelti, Radikal Darts and ADA combine forces

The American Darters Association (ADA) and Gold Standard Games/Shelti along with Radikal Darts have teamed up and signed a new three year deal!


Representatives from all four groups have been meeting since early summer and we have finally come up with a game plan to improve our futures in darts. Between multiple visits to St. Louis from Daniel Larson and Ruben Funosas (Representatives for Gaelco and Shelti) a trip to Bay City Michigan for a chat with Roger Rosebush, Adam Lipinski and Kevin Malenfant; the ADA Home Office made its final trip to Rockford IL in November to meet with Daniel and Mark Robbins, owner of Gold Standard Games/Shelti.

Our main objective is to create a more simplified, casual and competitive ADA member experience through the Radikal system on the Shelti Machines, both for our weekly leagues and for online competition! One of the great features with the Radikal system is its own remote referee system with patented laser throw line for both tournament and ADA league play!

Shelti Darts, the successor to Valley Cougar darts, has been a regular sponsor for the ADA National and Regional championships dating back to 1990. “We have always made Shelti dart machines a big part of our local and nationwide events from the beginning and we are excited to have them play a bigger role with our association in the future”, comments ADA CEO Gloria Remick. “I look forward to learning more and more about the Radikal Darts systems and how we can tie this all into the ADA network”, she adds. If you didn't make it to ADA Nationals this year then you missed the brand new Shelti “Touch” Machine with the latest Radikal system software, complete with the ADA Neutralizer system and ADA National Championship format and games programmed into the boards.

Watch for the complete roll out of these newly programmed machines coming January 1st 2014 including the ADA Shelti Regional Championship series! We thank you for being ADA Members and think you will all be as excited as we are about this new partnership. This should be a great coming year for darts and it can only get better with the new technology that we are bringing on board.

Continue to check the ADA website for information on all of the above with Shelti here: www.adadarters.com

For everything Shelti and their great products: http://www.shelti.com/ or http://gold-standard-games.com/

For information on the Radikal system and Online Competition:https://eng.radikalplayers.com/

For information on Gaelco and their great products: http://eng.radikaldarts.com/index.php

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